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Certified NRA Firearms Training & Nevada CCW Instruction

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We are OPEN currently during the Covid restrictions. We have to do sanitizing between every customer and can only get a couple of customers in the shop at the same time, so when you arrive please call us to check if we can get you in at that time, you may have to wait 5-10 mins in your car until we get the current customers finished up in the shop.

If you have questions or want to have items shipped into us, or are looking for something then please email us. 

We specialize in NFA sales and transfers! If your looking for a suppressor, SBR, SBS, or AOW check with us as we may already have it in stock, if not we can process your order and do all your paperwork at the time of purchase. If you would like to order online you can do that thru us here: Click here for our store at SilencerShop

We keep a inventory of popular firearms, anything we don't have we can order.

You can also order online thru galleryofguns with our VIP code 961202

We offer NRA Firearms Course & Instruction along with Nevada CCW Instruction. We also carry a full selection of firearms and have an onsite gunsmith for any service needs.

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Address: 3525 E. Post Road Suite 130, Las Vegas, NV 89120  Pecos / Sunset area - Serving Las Vegas / Henderson 

Phone: (702) 562-9100
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Hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm  Unavailable at lunch time from 12:30-1:30pm

We will receive your transfers available for $25 / Firearm. Email us for more info.

You can download our FFL for shipments HERE